Circus of Light – Hommage à Fellini

Dome Projection

Animation short film for a 360-degree dome projection
Creative Director

Screened at the Federico Fellini exhibition, Singapore, 2015

Screened inside a 360-degree immersive hemisphere dome, the animated short film Circus of Light takes the audience on a short journey revisiting some of Fellini’s immortal characters and circus inspired themes.

Starting inside the circus with Juliet of the Spirits (1965), whispered to by characters from Fellini Satyricon (1969), Giulietta takes off, swinging out of the circus and taking us into the underworld of Roma (1972) and eventually into the galaxy of an ensemble of Fellini characters: stars in the sky, frozen in time, waiting for the maestro.

Watch on YouTube: 360° video – cardboard option

Watch on YouTube: HD version