Garden of Changes

VR Experience

by Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams
Narrator: Benjamin Slater

Presented at
Siggraph Asia, HK, 2020
Transmedia 2, KL, 2023

The VR room-scale experience GARDEN OF CHANGES alters the common playbook for Virtual Reality experiences, the audience is invited to stroll through the recreated landscape of a digitally preserved Chinese Garden while pondering about themselves. To help with the introspective practice, the users have to follow a set of rules, inspired by the ancient iChing. Devising a question and looking for answers while roaming, the park recalibrates the medium from the format of sensation and spectacle to the domain of dreams and inspiration.

UE4 artists: Zaid Salihin, Cho Wei Li Justin, Guanhua Chan
Tags: Yunnan Garden, Nanyang Technological University Singapore

The production of the work was kindly supported by NTU Singapore and the Ministry of Education Singapore.

Watch the video documentation on YouTube