Paramatrix II Cyberstar

Short Film / Interactive Application

Paramatrix II is a short film documentation of the Paramatrix Cyberstar prototype application

1996 | 4m
Director: Benjamin Seide and Henry J. Schmidt
Narrator: Dagmar Kötting

Won „Art/Experiment“ at Interactiva Babelsberg Film Festival 1997, Germany

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Paramatrix Cyberstar

1996 | Interactive

Interactive 3D-cyberspace-navigation prototype application

Director for content design and creation:
Benjamin Seide and Henry J. Schmidt

The prototype, programmed by engineers at the GMD St Augustin research institute, explores concepts of representation and navigation in 3D space: the structure of the net is visible as well as audible as each virtual „home“ fulfils its own sound-function in the harmonic entirety, composed by a musician, programmed by engineers as a cross-influence new media experiment.

Research funded by GMD, WDR, Deutsche Telekom
Produced at the GMD St Augustin (Now Fraunhofer IZB), Germany
Head of Production at GMD / VMSD: Monika Fleischmann
Narrator: Dagmar Kötting

Exhibited as an interactive installation at the WDR booth, Photokina Cologne 1996, Germany