The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Met the Pontianak

VR Experience

Interactive room-scale VR experience | 2021
Viewed on HTC Vive Pro
Directed by: Benjamin Seide, Benjamin Slater

UE4 artists: Chan Guanhua, Cho Wei Li Justin

The room-scale VR experience The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Met the Pontianak (2021) is an artistic experiment and “B-movie” homage of confronting an alien with the unfamiliar environment of an historic early 20th-century Singaporean-Malay kampong village surrounded by tropical jungle. The kampong is home of the Pontianak, a female vampiric ghost based on Malay folk mythology. The project is loosely based on the Virtual Cinematic Heritage application Pontianak VR (Seide, Slater, 2021), which re-created scenes of lost film Pontianak (1957), but in contrast this project is generating its own non-linear narrative journey.

This research has been made possible through the kind support of an MOE grant in Singapore and ADM, School of Art, Design and Media, NTU Singapore.

Watch the video documentation on YouTube