New Normal

Short Film

Visual Effects for a vertical short film | 8m

Directed by: Chul Heo
DoP: Djordje Arambasic
Composer: Ross Adrian Williams

The film has been screened and awarded at:
Won Vertical Movie Award at the 4th Vertical Movie Festival, Italy, 2021
Won Yatay Award at 3rd Yatay Festival Vertical, Argentina, 2021
Official selection at 30th St. Louis International Film Festival, USAHonourable Mention at 4th Vertifilms Prague 2021, Czech Republic, 2021
GeumCheon Fashion Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, 2021

„Like Me, Like You“ 3min version
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Bucheon, Korea, 2021
Choong-moo-ro Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, 2021
Originals on TikTok, online, 2021

Watch „Like Me, Like You“ (3min version) on TikTok