The Seven Step Verse

Cinematic VR

Immersive 360˚ film | 9m
Directed and produced by: Ella Raidel
VR Cinematography, VR Technical Director: Benjamin Seide
Sound Design: Ross Adrian Williams
Distribution: Lemonade Films

Screened and exhibited at:
Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) 2022
SeaShorts 2022 Kuala Lumpur

This cinematic VR work explores Singapore’s iconic modernist shopping malls and the relation between bodies and the urban in seven different scenarios and sites. The title being taken from the well-known Chinese literary poet Cao Zhi who was challenged to create a poem in seven steps. By adapting dress codes and gestures, the female performers are playing the sites in reading the shopping malls like a text, narrating the urban space that encapsulates its ideological and social frameworks. To create a poem in seven-step is used to describe somebody’s quickness in wit and dexterity in literary creativity.

The project was kindly supported by ARKO – The Arts Council Korea / International Arts Joint Fund / Korea-Singapore International Exchange Program, NTU Cohass Arts and Humanities Research Grant, ADM School of Art, Design, and Media

Watch 360˚ trailer on YouTube