Pale Folks

Feature Film

Animation and Visual Effects for a feature film | 1h 33m
Visual Effects Supervisor and Co-PI

After stealing a bronze monument, a young man and his teenage girlfriend go on a runaway spree through the freezing lowlands of Serbia. The bronze monument, the third hero of the story, is a computer-generated Visual Effect, integrated seamlessly with the live action.

The film is outcome of the Tier 1 research project “The Impact of Visual Effects and Special Effects on the Art of Contemporary Narrative Filmmaking”. The research examines the process of narrative filmmaking when comparing analogue special effects (SFX) and digital visual effects (VFX) methods.

Film Director: Vladimir Todorovic

The film has been screened and awarded at:

5thHanoi International Film Festival 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam
Won Jury Prize Feature Length Film

Film Festival Cottbus, Germany

57thThessaloniki International Film Festival 2016, Greece
Won AGORA Bronze Lotus

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Website of Vladimir Todorovic