Secret Detours

Cinematic VR

Cinematic VR short film | 5m 26s
Co-Director | Funding: MOE Singapore

Directed by: Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide, Ross Williams
Produced by: Elke Reinhuber
Edited by: Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide
Sound Design: Ross Williams
Choreographie: Susan Sentler
360 Video Production: Hiverlab Singapore

Screened and exhibited at:
Immersive Architecture Asia 2019, Singapore
FICMA 2018, Mexico
Screendance [C] Screen Festival 2018, Spain
WAMM 2018, USA
Beyond Future Design Festival 2018, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
Digital Futures 2018, London, UK
onoff100101010 2017, Singapore
Visualisation Matters 2017, Australia
3D Moving Images Festival 2017, Netherlands

The immersive short film was shot at NTU’s Yunnan Garden in 2017, just before the redevelopment began. The film represents a unique form of heritage documentation with an artistic interpretation: Four dancers, representing the four mythological creatures and dressed in the colours of the cardinal directions, examine the spaces, the paths and the detours of the green scenery of the lush Chinese garden, adapted from the great traditions of imperial landscaping.

We have developed a range of different versions in order to explore the screening possibilities (Dome, cylinder, headset, video wall) and have adjusted both, the visual composition and the sound design accordingly.

The project was kindly supported by NTU and MoE Singapore

Watch the 360˚ video on YouTube

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